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We Have A Choice Of 4 Programmes Especially For You

Mentorship Program

Cricket Mentor Pty Ltd and more specifically Dave Nosworthy now offers YOU the budding professional cricketer the unique experience of being able to be mentored, guided, influenced, and tutored – as you make your way along your own path towards professional and international playing success. Over the last 30 years as firstly a full time Professional Cricketer himself and then as a highly successful Professional High Performance and International Cricket Coach, Dave has had first-hand experience of dealing with what it really takes to ‘bridge the gap’ between amateur sport and professional sport – and on how best to lead gifted players from ‘being good to being great’. Dave’s track record and hands on dealings with some of the top players in the world speaks for itself…

The Player Mentorship Program (PMP) is not too specific in its output, as each and every client we deal with is a different character, and each and every one of you has very different needs in terms of being guided and mentored towards the top ranks. There are however some key principles and operational plans which remain standard for all of our clients who range from 14yr olds to 28yrs olds as follows:

  • Mentorship sessions are all held privately yet casually between ‘the Cricket Mentor’ (Dave Nosworthy) and you the client, in a relaxed and comfortable environment agreed to by both parties. The interactions are generally scheduled for an hour depending on what is needed or what is being dealt with on the day – however sessions generally run between 40 and 60 minutes.
  • The mentorship sessions are preferably held face to face, however there is an option to use Skype or Zoom if the client is on a cricket tour, has other commitments, is based elsewhere in the country/world, or if the ‘Cricket Mentor’ himself is out of town.
  • All matters discussed and shared at these mentorship sessions are totally confidential between the ‘Cricket Mentor’ and you the client, unless you yourself wish to share any of the dealings with your wider network.
  • Our mentorship programmes are not a ‘quick fix’ solution – as it requires first and foremost some sort of ‘real trust’ to really work towards a solid relationship and an open & direct understanding. Naturally this takes some time – along with commitment and effort from both the ‘Cricket Mentor’ and you the client.
  • Our mentorship and influence is based on high performance and international cricketing needs, whilst slowly working through and understanding all the key decisions that need to be made in both match time, training time and off the field of play. Furthermore, our PMP enhances you the client’s ability to grasp the entire concept of pressure and stress management that simply comes with the territory – and which are key areas in terms of you learning to ‘quieten the mind’ on the way to success.
  • Lastly, our mentorship programme covers aspects such as general cricket awareness, advanced decision making, training regimes, strategic and tactical decision making and all the mental toughness aspects that come with learning to make the correct decisions mentally in the heat of the moment and at that next level.
  • In certain circumstances our clients Parents, Coaches or even Agents are mentored at times along with the client in certain sessions if needed and agreed to by the client, as a clear understanding and open relationship is key along the path of success.


The sharing plan

The ‘Sharing Plan’ option entitles you two (2) ‘face to face’ (or Skype) interactions per month with your ‘Cricket Mentor’. It further entitles you to two (2) pre-arranged incoming telephonic calls per month (max 30 min), with reasonable yet limited whatsapp interaction.


The Interaction plan

The ‘Interaction Plan’ option entitles you to one (1) ‘face to face’ (or Skype) interaction per week with your ‘Cricket Mentor’. It further entitles you to interact with the Mentor on one (1) further occasion either via a pre-arranged incoming telephonic call or skype call for (max 30 min) – with reasonable open whatsapp communication being openly available.


The Open Plan

The ‘Open Plan’ option entitles you to one (1) ‘face to face’ (or Skype) interaction per week with the ‘Cricket Mentor’. It further entitles you to interact openly with the Mentor with as many reasonable interactions as the client requires or needs during that month – by means of whatsapp communication or pre-planned incoming telephonic calls directly to the Mentor.  Lastly, the ‘Open Plan’ permits one (1) extra ‘face to face’ (or Skype) session per month at no extra charge if so advised by the Mentor. This extra session is also able to be used by you the ‘client’ if so desired and the cricket mentor agrees – as an interaction with your coach, agent or any family member etc.

Pathway to

professional Sport

Do you really know what your Cricketing Pathway Is at school or especially once you leave school…?


If you or your family are asking any of the above questions, and many other questions in terms of What your ‘cricketing pathway’ is - you probably need some honest, knowledgeable, open and Independent guidance from a professional about how the big wide world of professional cricket really Works and what options you have to choose from to move forward…


Contact Cricket Mentor now to arrange a session with the hugely experienced and knowledgeable Dave Nosworthy

(Face to Face, Skype or Telephonic) (Private or with Families) (Available World Wide)


OR CALL: +27832258996

Club Cricket 02

Once Off

Skill Assessment Session

Once Off Assessment

  • AM I any good at cricket?
  • IS my son worth investing in?
  • WHAT are my weak areas?
  • IS my private coach on the right track?
  • WHAT are my real strengths?
  • CAN I really make it to the top?

Contact Cricket Mentor now to book an ‘Assessment Session’, for the vastly experienced and Level 4 qualified Dave Nosworthy to personally assess and guide you in your cricket. Each session will be run privately with video analysis as needed, followed up with an open and honest discussion on where the cricketer stands.


Accreditation Assessment

“We will give you total peace of mind about your new Overseas Cricket Pro or Amateur Cricketer from South Africa before you even sign him or before he even arrives. We will do a full assessment and shall fully research and screen your players in full for you…”

Accreditation New

The Assessment

Cricket Mentor have identified that there are so many cricketers who wish to be considered as an Overseas Cricket Pro or as an Amateur Cricketer in the UK or in many other countries around the world. Players are signing up on mass with Agents and they are also speaking directly to Clubs. Realistically both Agents and Clubs have almost ZERO real knowledge of the players real cricketing ability, their cricket awareness levels & intellect or even their face to face personality – other than a CV prepared by the player themselves. As such, Clubs and Agents are being thrown in the deep end and are having to make key decisions on their Clubs or Teams future Overseas Professionals, Coaches or Amateurs with little or no real knowledge.

This is where Cricket Mentor comes in, as we in South Africa will assess a wide range of factors for you about the player. We will see the player in person and shall send the appropriate client and the player a full assessment once completed. Players themselves can also be assessed, so as to immediately add the assessment document to their CV which will give them the edge.


  • Assess and Accredit an Agents player for the Agent…
  • Assess and Accredit a Player for a Club…
  • Assess and Accredit a Player for Himself…
  • Appoint a qualified Level 4 Professional Cricket Coach to personally assess the players batting, bowling, fielding, fitness, mental skills, personality and various other key aspects.
  • Verify all references and details in the players CV, and much more before accrediting the actual player as suitable for an Overseas Professionals role.
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