About Us

“Cricket Mentor works for a CAUSE and not for APPLAUSE”

Cricket Mentor as a business was established by Dave Nosworthy and is staffed and closely associated with many world class cricket professionals in the line of coaching, playing, administering, mentoring, and consulting. Further to this we are closely aligned and associated with key medical specialists such as psychologists, nutritionists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, and specialist sports doctors. Never before has any aspiring cricketer or more recently business leaders that are in need of coaching, mentoring, facilitating or any cricket or business high performance related matters, been more able to communicate or interact directly with professional sports and team specialists like Cricket Mentor…

Cricket Mentor was originally established in 2015 after realising that there was a real need for experienced professional people with real expertise in the cricket industry. The industry needed specialist and experienced people who really knew and understood the game of cricket and its various nuances – both on the field of play and off the field of play, behind the scenes and in the various boardrooms and committees. The cricket coaching market had for many years and still today has a reputation of being filled with numerous fly by ‘night operators’ who claim all sorts of achievements and qualifications – yet are just wanting to make a quick buck without really having the necessary and appropriate expertise and knowledge to really make a difference. As the company has evolved, so too has the business offerings from Cricket Mentor – in that sport is so closely related to business in many ways. Areas such as leadership and various key team specific aspects are as important in business, as they are in sport – and so Cricket Mentor has unintentionally morphed itself into a specialist ‘staff team structuring’ and ‘aligning’ company, whilst enhancing company performance and instilling key leadership pillars for success.

Cricket Mentor is now over 5yrs old and has established itself as one of the premier private cricketing businesses in South Africa. Its focusses on four core pillars namely People, Coaching, Mentorship and Business – with our foot print with players, teams and businesses reaching all around the world including the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Ireland and the Americas. We are extremely proud, grateful and blessed to have been able to share our experiences, knowledge and expertise – and look forward to further and new interaction with you and many other good people.  

Cricket Mentor’s Key Pillars & Principles


are one of our core pillars

People New
  • Cricket Mentor believes in developing and producing ‘good people’ first and foremost…
  • More often than not it is ‘good people’ that become ‘good cricketers’…
  • ‘Professionals Developing Professionals’ is out company tagline – which commits to you our valued clients that all of our people have the professional experience and credentials to be able to offer you the best of the best coaching and mentorship in the world of cricket…
  • Our attention to detail stands out, with no stone ever being left unturned in terms of getting the job done professionally and effectively in a people friendly manner…
Bat & Ball
Bat & Ball


is one of our core pillars

Coaching 1 New


  • Individuals privately
  • Private Group sessions
  • Professional Teams
  • Club Teams
  • School Teams
  • Touring Teams
  • Clinics and Festivals
  • Specialist Camps

Our ‘Senior Coaches’ are all either Ex 1st Class Cricketers themselves or current Premier League Cricketers in their own right.  We strongly believe that not enough young cricketers are receiving the level of expert coaching they deserve and many end up just being more ‘baby sat’ than anything else. Cricket Mentor will not baby sit and will ensure that ‘real’ coaching occurs and that each and every individual develops appropriately as a cricketer and a person – so that they are given a proper chance to fulfil their potential…

All ‘Cricket Coaches’ who are sometimes left out in the cold will be able to find a home and mentor at Cricket Mentor, with real support and care – and with ‘real’ mentorship at any time.


is one of our core pillars

  • Advising, guiding, caring, directing, administering, and managing all aspects of an Individual Cricketer – or all and any cricket at Schools, Clubs, Provincial Unions, Franchises, Counties, and Internationally as our mentorship is of paramount importance to our culture…
  • Our mentorship can be in any and all forms such as in ‘One on One’ consultations, in ‘Committee or Board Rooms’, at ‘Tournament or Competitions’, on ‘Technical or Selection Committees’, in ‘Marketing or o Branding Committees’ or on ‘Team Touring Committees’ etc…
  • ‘Mentoring’ and ‘Coaching the Coaches’ is very close to Cricket Mentor’s heart and will as such advise, guide, and nurture as many individuals as possible towards a career path they so desire…
Bat & Ball
Bat & Ball


is one of our core pillars

Business New


Cricket Mentor through its 30+ years of personal experience at the highest level in sport and more specifically in cricket – is now able to share and to guide your business and staff towards real success in terms of:


Cricket Mentors highly experienced and entertaining Dave Nosworthy is ready to share his many lessons in High Performance and International Sports Coaching. His presentations are equally effective as an after dinner speaker or a motivational speaker as required.